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Pieces™ Decision Sciences

Pieces™ Decision Sciences (DS) is a cloud-based software platform that improves quality and cost of care by applying key algorithms throughout a patient’s journey. Pieces™ utilizes natural language processing, predictive modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Clinical Pathways

  • Reducing Length of Stay
  • Readmission Risk, All Cause
  • Medication Risk
  • Lung Cancer, Avoidable Hospitalization
  • Health Related Social Needs
  • Pediatric Asthma, Avoidable Hospitalization
  • CKD Progression
  • Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection
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For each pathway, Pieces™ DS performs these five key steps through carefully engineered models.

Continuum of Care

When you combine Pieces™ DS with Pieces Iris™, it creates a comprehensive suite for connected community health. Healthcare systems can seamlessly connect, refer, and track patients as they receive services in both healthcare and community settings.

DS is further augmented by Pieces™ Whitecoat, which adds “human-in-the-loop” chart review and outcomes monitoring to identify areas for improvement in care pathways.


"The Pieces software arms our caregivers with a powerful tool to help provide timely care for our patients... we're able to leverage the hospital's considerable investment in our electronic medical record system to ensure that we're deploying the right care to the right patients at the right time."

Nancy Farber

CEO, Washington Hospital Healthcare System

Pieces™ DS

"What struck us at BSWH was the comprehensive nature of the Pieces platform, particularly the ability to match individual patient needs with organizational and community."

Andrew Masica MD, MSCI

Chief Clinical Effectiveness Officer, Baylor Scott & White Health

Pieces™ DS

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