Advancing health and wellbeing

Healthcare is about decision-making.

The knowledge base on which medical decisions are made has increased at an astonishing pace. Today, every care decision incorporates libraries of diagnostics and treatments, as well knowledge of the social and economic determinants of health.

Since 2007, our teams of physicians, engineers, and researchers have built solutions that make these complex decisions easier. We've created solutions that leverage NLP and AI, and follow patients 24/7 across healthcare and community settings.

The result? Better care and healthier communities.

Careers at Pieces

Interested in joining Pieces? We are always looking for capable people passionate about developing community health through technology. See what skills we are looking to add to our team:

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Our guiding principles

1. We believe our customers' missions are sacred.

Healthcare delivery and social services are fundamentally sacred missions. We revere our customers for the work they do.

2. Positive yes.

We value positivity. We work on some hard problems, sometimes under tight deadlines, but this is all made better if we foster, recruit, and build positive, enthusiastic, humane, problem-solving individuals that love to be here.

3. Teamwork outweighs individual brilliance.

We will always do and be better when we harness the collective strength, unity and intelligence of our team rather than relying on the brilliance of any one individual. We value mutually supportive, high trust, high functioning teams and relationships.

4. Make others successful.

At Pieces, we value mentorship, teaching and apprenticeship as an attribute of all of our employees. This means that as an organization we create the space, time and psychological safety for this to happen.

5. This is our house.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work on these problems, and we want to steward the gift of Pieces, as if it were our own house.

6. Honor and embrace our roots.

Because of our origin in a safety net health system, we care about underserved, vulnerable, and marginalized populations. We want our products and services to recognize and address the social determinants of health, and to provide solutions for all people regardless of circumstance.

7. It is more important to amplify strengths.

We believe that it is better, easier, and more powerful to identify and take advantage of an individual's passions, strengths and diversity than to contain their weaknesses.

8. Communication as breathing.

Clear, consistent, empathetic and precise communication is as essential to our organization as breathing is to a human being. We aspire to a rhythm of individual and organizational communication, like breathing, and to continually learn, understand and improve our individual styles of communication.

Our roots

Our journey started at Parkland Health & Hospital System, Dallas' large safety net hospital system, when our founder, Ruben Amarasingham, MD, began developing predictive models to prevent readmissions.

His work resulted in the creation of the non-profit research institute, PCCI, which has received more than $50 million in scientific funding. Pieces grew out of PCCI as a nimble hub of innovation and problem-solving for organizations around the globe.

Executive Team

  • Fayiaz Chaudhri


  • Ruben Amarasingham, MD

    Founder and CEO

  • Brett Grob

    Chief Financial Officer