About Pieces Technologies, Inc.

At Pieces, we believe that technology should be used to make the lives of care providers easier. 

Our journey started at Parkland Health & Hospital System, Dallas’ large safety net hospital system, when our founder, Ruben Amarasingham, MD, began developing predictive models to prevent hospital readmissions.

With post-graduate training in biomedical informatics and a focus on predicting clinical events, he knew there was a way to leverage technology and data science to help care teams intervene earlier and more efficiently. Ruben was inspired to help and Pieces was born.

Our Mission is to better people’s health

Our guiding principles

We believe our customers’ missions are sacred.

Healthcare delivery and social services are fundamentally sacred missions. We revere our customers for the work they do.

Positive yes.

We value positivity. We work on some hard problems, sometimes under tight deadlines, but this is all made better if we foster, recruit, and build positive, enthusiastic, humane, problem-solving individuals that love to be here.

Teamwork outweighs individual brilliance.

We will always do and be better when we harness the collective strength, unity, and intelligence of our team rather than relying on the brilliance of any one individual. We value mutually supportive, high-trust, high-functioning teams and relationships.


We will hold each other to unquestionable standards of honesty and ethics in words and actions and operate with transparency.


We will hold ourselves, individually and collectively, accountable for adherence to our values and all other commitments we make.

Company Diversity

We believe strongly in the power of great ideas to address a variety of problems

Better ideas

The best ideas come from the intersection of different cultural, experiential, and social perspectives.

Wider and inclusive perspectives

We are all enriched through the sharing of differing viewpoints.

Varied experiences

We can better address the cross-cultural needs of our clients by having a variety of cultural experiences ourselves.

Employee Spotlight

“I come in every day motivated by the fact that any work we do has the potential to help millions of people in disadvantaged health and social situations.”

– Komli-Kofi Atsina

Join Our Team

Interested in joining Pieces? We are always looking for capable people passionate about using technology to help create healthier outcomes. See what skills we are looking to add to our team: