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Pieces Tech and Ensocare Join Forces to Address Patients’ Social Determinants of Health

By combining hospital discharge software with an application that links patients with community services, the partnership between the two companies aims to reduce readmissions and improve care outcomes. OMAHA, Neb. – February 13, 2019 – Ensocare, a leading provider of technology-enabled care management solutions, has announced a new partnership with Pieces Technologies, whose scalable, cloud-based… Read more »

CMS Dollars Part IV: VBP Made Simple – Slot Machines and High Roller Tables

Do you enjoy a good game of poker or blackjack? Does anteing up money, taking a calculated risk, and hoping for financial reward get you excited? I bet you never imagined that your hospitals and doctors would have to participate in similar games! In the hospital Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) program for 2017, participating hospitals will… Read more »

The Arrival of Natural Language Processing in Healthcare

“Writing in English is like throwing mud at a wall.” ― Joseph Conrad I recently watched the 2016 movie “Arrival.” The film explores the idea that what you think and how you think may actually be closely intertwined. “Arrival” is a story about humanity’s first contact with aliens and how a pair of scientist find ways… Read more »

CMS Dollars Part 1: IPPS Made Simple

CMS Dollars Part 1: IPPS Made Simple Protecting Your Hospital Nest Egg Nadia Christensen, MD Hospital margins are narrower than ever, and hospitals dedicate many resources to understanding and capturing their reimbursement dollars. Medicare is the single largest purchaser of healthcare in the US – spending $610B in 2014, which is almost a quarter of… Read more »

CMS Dollars Part II: HRRP Made Simple

The Boomerang Effect CMS Dollars Part II: HRRP Made Simple The Boomerang Effect Nadia Christensen, MD Hospital readmissions account for a huge portion of US healthcare costs. As clinicians we are always trying to understand the root cause of why one of our patients might bounce back. In some circles, we refer to this as… Read more »

CMS Dollars Part III: HACRP Made Simple

The Unwanted Visitor Nadia Christensen, MD Unfortunately, it happens all the time. You take your elderly father into the hospital for a routine surgery such as a total hip replacement, and while being treated for the hip, he ends up with a Hospital-Acquired Condition (HAC). Think of an HAC as your bothersome Aunt Ethel, an… Read more »