Data Bridge from Pieces

We offer Data Bridge as a service for Community Networks

We understand that you may not be ready for a robust case management solution, but you could benefit from uniting your data sources. We can help.

Unify your information sources 

Chances are you have a lot of valuable information already. But having all that information accessible and compiled into a single source? Probably not. We can help harness your data across a variety of data types—from excel spreadsheets to existing data systems—so all that information can be tapped to smartly move your organization forward. 

Single dashboard

With your information sources connected and your data cleaned and processed you can now get a clearer view into your organization with most any reporting software you choose. 

Get connected 

You are most likely providing services to your community and that community has a wide variety of needs. We can connect you to other community services organizations so you can better help your clients get all their needs met. 

Ready to learn more?

We’d love to walk you through the benefits of Data Bridge from Pieces and give you a taste of what it can do.