Improve patient outcomes every step of the way

Using artificial intelligence (AI) Pieces Predict rapidly identifies at-risk patients in the EMR, along with their relevant clinical, social, and economic determinants.
Predictive models and deep clinical algorithms analyze structured and unstructured patient data to make intelligent predictions, including risks to the patient, likelihood of readmission, and possible outcomes based on social factors.
Pieces Predict then provides the necessary alerts to the care team with detailed recommendations for safe, timely treatment, and discharge.
Pieces Predict continuously monitors patient data within the EMR to detect changes and identify needed interventions.
Pieces provides Clinician-in-the-loop: augmenting machine learning with licensed clinicians. And, the Pieces Data Science Teams provide ongoing analysis for all customers.

Better decisions with Pieces™

Pieces Predict (formerly Decision Sciences) is a cloud-based software platform that improves clinical and operational value throughout a patient’s journey. Pieces Predict harnesses and interprets both structured and unstructured data within your electronic medical record (EMR) – producing precise recommendations and alerting the care team, all in real time.

Benefits across the
full spectrum of care

When you combine Pieces Predict with Pieces Connect, it creates a comprehensive solution for connected community health. Use Pieces Connect to seamlessly refer discharged patients to community service organizations and track their ongoing progress. Then rely on Pieces Predict to continue monitoring patients as they receive care in clinical settings.

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Fewer readmissions
Reduced LOS
Fewer healthcare associated infections
Decrease in sepsis & other fatal conditions
Improved care coordination
Increased workflow efficiency
Considers clinical and social needs
Housing & utilities
Food assistance
Family & social support
Employment & income
Behavioral health support
Clinical health
Pieces Predict
Pieces Connect
Pieces Predict
Pieces Connect
How much could you save with Pieces Predict?
Use our ROI calculators to see how much you'd save by reducing length of stay, healthcare-associated infections, and readmissions.
As a system, Children's Health is committed to providing care and promoting healthier living in the community. Through the Pieces platforms, we are able to improve health outcomes by processing and integrating patient data, and initiate earlier interventions in children.

Pete Perialas

Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Children's Health

I find Pieces to be really innovative. Ultimately, we decided to partner with Pieces because their solution offered valuable NLP technology which discovers critical elements embedded in the EMR notes to offer key information about readmissions, without spending hours reading the chart.

Mae Centeno, DNP, RN, CCNS, ACNS, BC
System Vice President of Chronic Care Continuum, Baylor Scott & White Health

What struck us at BSWH was the comprehensive nature of the Pieces platform, particularly the ability to match individual patient needs with organizational and community.

Andrew Masica MD, MSCI
Chief Clinical Effectiveness Officer, Baylor Scott & White Health

The Pieces software arms our caregivers with a powerful tool to help provide timely care for our patients... we're able to leverage the hospital's considerable investment in our electronic medical record system to ensure that we're deploying the right care to the right patients at the right time.

Nancy Farber
CEO, Washington Hospital Healthcare System

Creating connections. Strengthening communities.
Find out how OSF Healthcare is addressing social determinants through technology.
Creating connections. Strengthening communities.
Find out how OSF Healthcare is addressing social determinants through technology.

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