Maricopa Integrated Health System & Pieces Technologies Launch Whole-Person Community Care Solution in Arizona

Maricopa Integrated Health System, based in Phoenix Arizona, has selected Pieces Technologies to launch a whole-person community care program.


DALLAS–Pieces Technologies, a pioneer in addressing social determinants of health, today announced that Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS), based in Phoenix, Arizona, has selected Pieces Technologies to launch a whole-person community care solution.

Under the multi-year agreement, Pieces Technologies will provide its cloud-based solutions Pieces Decision Sciences (DS), for inpatient clinical predictive modeling, and Pieces Iris, a community-based referral and case management platform.

MIHS selected Pieces Technologies due to the end-to-end solution that addresses social determinants of health throughout the patient journey, both within and outside the hospital. This whole-person approach to care leverages the health system as well as community partners, aiming to reduce readmissions, lower length of stay, and alert clinicians earlier to the threat of inpatient deterioration and healthcare associated infections.

“The Pieces solution can identify and surface unique needs of our patients that will allow us to adjust treatments accordingly,” said Anthony Dunnigan, M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer of Maricopa Integrated Health System. “Additionally, creating a shared data network of community partners will allow MIHS to improve access to services once a patient leaves the hospital. Being able to seamlessly refer patients to social service and other community agencies will allow us to offer additional ways for patients to remain on track with their wellness plan.”

“We are proud to partner with MIHS to introduce this whole-person community care solution to the broader Phoenix area,” said Ruben Amarasingham, M.D., President and CEO of Pieces Technologies. “We have seen huge success in leveraging advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing, to assist safety net hospitals with improving outcomes in their vulnerable patient populations. Pieces Technologies brings unique technology solutions to health systems to improve workflows and free clinicians to focus more on patient care.”

About Maricopa Integrated Health System
Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa Integrated Health System has a proud tradition of being both the community safety net health care system, with a mission and commitment to serving the underserved and Arizona’s only public teaching hospital. MIHS consists of Maricopa Medical, the only Level I Trauma Center in Arizona verified by the American College of Surgeons to care for both adults and children, Arizona’s only nationally verified Burn Center serving the entire Southwestern United States, MIHS’s McDowell Healthcare Center, which is the largest provider of HIV primary care in Arizona, the Refugee Women’s Health Clinic, the Arizona Children’s Center, two behavioral health centers, and 13 neighborhood Family Health Centers. To learn more about MIHS, please visit

About Pieces Technologies
Pieces Technologies, Inc. reimagines the intersection of healthcare and technology by building software that interprets patient information in real-time, transforming billions of data points into warning tools that can save lives and strengthen communities inside and outside of hospital walls. Using cloud-based artificial intelligence with clinically-based natural language processing (NLP) and physician-supervised machine learning, Pieces Tech solutions help streamline clinician workflows and improve patient outcomes. Combined, our solutions, Pieces DS and Pieces Iris, create a comprehensive and unique solution for connected community health.

For more information about deploying Pieces at your health system, please visit or follow @piecestech.

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