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Epic has partnered with a commercial stage biotechnology company, and has added a predictive analytics company to its marketplace.  Pieces, a healthcare AI company, has been added to Epic’s App Market Gallery, according to a Oct. 12 press release. 


Pieces is excited to be one of the 10 finalists and participants for the first ever AWS Healthcare Accelerator. These ten companies were selected from 427 applications from 31 countries around the world by a panel from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and KidsX, a digital health accelerator owned by Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.


Parkview Medical Center partnered with Pieces Technology to use data analytics to identify social determinants of health and decrease length of stay rates.


As the World Health Organization shares new AI principles for health care, more organizations have adopted the technology in response to the COVID crisis.


The hospital is working with a local social services agency to leverage community referral and case management software to support residents in need


Managing bed capacity has never been more of an issue for providers than it was during the past year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. For Parkview Medical Center, a non-profit, independent community hospital in Colorado, solving this challenge has meant leveraging AI.


Sandeep Vijan, M.D., the chief quality officer at Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado, has been helping to lead his clinician colleagues on an important journey around optimizing inpatient lengths of stay.


While AI solutions are gaining traction in the healthcare industry, the technology is still in its infancy. HealthLeaders speaks to a panel about their experiences using AI in health systems.


The pandemic has exacerbated mental health and substance misuse issues, and industry leaders believe it has highlighted the need to reduce the stigma and increase connectivity


For AI to have impact, it must take a human-centered approach, easily integrate into physician workflows and be friendly to use.


Join CEO and Founder of Pieces, Ruben Amarasingham, MD, in an AHA Transformation Talks episode focused on discussing ways to address social determinants of health.


CEO and Founder of Pieces, Ruben Amarasingham, MD, provides insight into the use of AI in health care.


With COVID-19 still rampant, health systems and EMS providers are partnering in mobile integrated health programs that stress telehealth and mHealth in the home.


Using Pieces platform, fire department helps patients navigate healthcare, social services organizations and closes loop on referrals


By using a personal, community-based approach, Parkview was able to realize savings by cutting unnecessary ED utilization


UVA Health System is leveraging artificial intelligence and community partnerships to address individuals’ social determinants of health.


Leaders at the University of Virginia Health System have been leveraging health IT to help them build stronger communications and connections with community-based organizations, as they address SDOH


With the help of natural language processing and predictive capabilities, UVA has forged community partnerships during a time of need.


Hear Pieces Tech CEO, Ruben Amarasingham, MD and other experts offer best practice suggestions for CIOs and other health IT leaders seeking to fine-tune their AI systems.


UVA Health partners with Pieces Technologies’ Iris platform to enhance communication between UVA Health and community partners, better supporting the holistic health of community members.


NODE.Health Announced the winners of the 2018 Best in Class Clinical Studies Competition.


“The cards are clearly stacked against former inmates trying to reintegrate, but Unlocking Doors is attempting to bridge that gap with Pieces Iris, cloud-based case management software attempting to share client data — those clients being former inmates — so that nonprofits can connect people like Bolger to the types of resources they need.”


OSF Healthcare Blog, August 2, 2018, Denise Molina-Weiger .


The AHA’s Members in Action series highlights how hospitals and health systems are implementing new value-based strategies to improve health care affordability.


As part of their mission to drive positive outcomes across their community, OSF HealthCare and nearby community-based organizations worked with two of Pieces Technologies’ data software platforms: Pieces Decision Sciences (DS) and Pieces Iris.


Ruben Amarasingham, MD, the startup’s CEO, will also present at the HIMSS Machine Learning & AI for Healthcare conference.


In Dallas, Parkland Hospital created an information-sharing network that gets health care to the most vulnerable citizens—before they show up in the emergency room.


Pieces Technologies founder and CEO, Ruben Amarasingham, spoke with Becker’s Healthcare about the potential for technology integration and AI in healthcare delivery.


Dr. Amarasingham live with Think KERA discussing the promise of A.I. in health

Press Releases


Pieces brings its predictive analytics directly to the Epic Patient List to enable early interventions and reduce manual effort for front-line staff


Physician leaders from Pieces, Amazon Web Services, and LeanTaaS share insights on how AI can maximize its impact for clinicians with natural language processing and natural language generation


NRG’S FORTE study will leverage Pieces’ AI and Natural Language Processing technologies to modernize the clinical trial process by automating the search for eligible patients


AWS support will help power novel AI-facilitated clinical handovers


New software generates written summaries for use in multidisciplinary huddles


Leading non-for-profit social services agency to leverage community referral and case management software to support residents in need, grow collective impact


Community experts share insights on the escalating public health emergency spurred by COVID-19 and highlight the need to reduce the stigma, increase connectivity to save lives


Enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities empower organizations to transform data into actionable insights and maximize their impact on the community


KidsX brings together top children’s hospitals and health startups to create digital solutions that will transform pediatric care for children and their families


WFAA Santa’s Helpers Toy Drive uses Pieces Connect to track data for their Holiday drive


Thought leaders from Pieces, OSF Healthcare, Children’s Health, Parkview Medical Center, and OSF Ventures spearhead conversation on how AI can maximize its impact in 2021 and beyond


First-of-its-kind nonprofit to leverage case management and referral technology to drive better care and lower costs for communities in need


Pieces joins the Epic App Orchard to expand reach of its community-based case management software


Pieces unveils streamlined access to case management software to help community-based organizations support those in need and grow their collective impact


Pieces Technologies unveils new intelligent software to support health systems in the fight against the novel coronavirus.


Pieces Technologies & Northwell Health have partnered in the development of a social vulnerability index, a tool that will allow Northwell to more strategically identify and address social determinants of health.


By combining hospital discharge software with an application that links patients with community services, the partnership between the two companies aims to reduce readmissions and improve care outcomes.


Maricopa Integrated Health System, based in Phoenix Arizona, has selected Pieces Technologies to launch a whole-person community care program.


Press Release: Pieces Tech continues partnership with Children’s Health to provide cloud-based decision support and predictive analytics tools aimed at improving healthcare outcomes.


Pieces Technologies today announced a connected community health agreement with Parkview Medical Center, based in Pueblo, Colorado, that will help the hospital maintain its high standard of care, while improving efficiencies and connecting its patients with community services.


The solution will combine the power of the Pieces Decision Sciences (DS) platform with NTT DATA’s clinical transformation services to help providers reduce readmissions and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.


NTT DATA Services, a recognized leader in global technology services, today announced it has partnered with Pieces Technologies, a pioneer in clinical artificial intelligence (AI), to help clients improve the quality and decrease the cost of patient care with natural language and AI-based solutions.


Metrocare Services and Pieces Technologies are partnering to support more thoughtful, comprehensive whole person care by bringing together unique predictive analytics and behavioral health for the first time.