The Pediatric Asthma Module predicts the likelihood of serious pediatric asthma exacerbation. Additionally, the predictive analytics module facilitates follow-up care and encourages patient engagement.

Asthma affects millions of kids

Pediatric Asthma affects approximately 6 million children in the United States and is the third-ranking cause of hospitalization for children under the age of 15. Medication adherence and patient education are drivers to improve patient outcomes.

Predict hospitalization risk

Using real-time lab values and data elements from the EHR, the Pediatric Asthma module uses predictive analytics to determine the risk of a patient requiring a hospitalization or emergency department visit within 90 days of a visit.

How the Pediatric Asthma module can help

An alert from the Asthma Module enables the treatment team to identify high-risk patients and take the appropriate actions to mitigate risk.
Clinic Visits
More ambulatory appointments are kept.
Fewer acute care visits are needed.
Medication compliance
Improved medication compliance because of increased patient engagement.
Reduced costs
Reduction in hospitalizations and ED visits result in cost-savings for the hospital and for patients.
Patient empowerment
Increased patient contact and education allows the patient to take an active role in their disease management.

ROI Benefit Headline

Save $3,600
Savings of around $3,600 per avoided asthma-related hospital stay.
Save $7,500
Savings of around $7,500 per avoided asthma-related ICU or complicated hospital stay
Save $400
Savings of around $400 per avoided asthma-related ED visit

Pete Perialas
Children’s Health, Dallas
“Through the Pieces Technologies platforms, we are able to improve health outcomes by processing and integrating patient data, and initiate earlier interventions in children.”

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