The COVID-19 module allows for real-time identification, monitoring, and tracking of your total COVID-19 patient population from at risk patients to patients who have tested positive.

Adding the EWS module to the COVID-19 offering, our solution identifies at-risk patients who could progress to requiring ICU care with potential assistive ventilation devices. Using real-time data including labs, vitals and doctors notes, Pieces delivers early warning on the risk of clinical deterioration, acute respiratory compromise, and other acute conditions which may necessitate intensive care unit transfer and early intervention.

Too many patients

The COVID-19 crisis poses a significant risk for our most vulnerable populations and requires the health care delivery system to expand to allow care teams to address critical acute care needs. With the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases, patient care is under threat with ill and potentially critically ill patients at risk of falling through the cracks due to overburdened clinical staff and scarce resources.

Identify the most at risk patients

Using natural language processing (NLP) to review clinical notes and structured data in the EHR, the module identifies patients at risk, along with those who have tested positive, negative, or are awaiting a pending test result.

How the Pediatric COVID-19 module helps

The pediCOV19 module allows for real-time tracking and monitoring of the COVID-19 population to understand appropriate followup and consumption of resources. With the addition of the EWS module, the solution identifies those with impending critical care and needed ventilatory support.
Using natural language processing to read the EHR, this module identifies individuals who are at risk and may need testing.
Through the COVID-19 patient list, administrators and infection control leadership are able to view a registry of identified inpatients and create systems for appropriate follow up care.
With the addition of the aEWS module, patients with a high risk of clinical deterioration are flagged and care providers are alerted.
Early warning signals on patients with impending deterioration allows for quick and timely action.


Identify Highest Risk
Identify COVID inpatients at highest risk for deterioration requiring ICU or other intensive support.
Track, Monitor and Identify
Using NLP and other predictive technologies, Pieces will identify COVID patients and track them throughout all clinical phases of COVID, outpatient and inpatient.

Pete Perialas
Children’s Health, Dallas
“The EMR does a great job of accumulating information. Pieces compliments the EMR by doing things the EMR was never designed to do”

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