The Pediatric Early Warning System (pEWS) score is designed to forecast impending clinical deterioration that may require an escalation in care to the intensive care unit (ICU) or could otherwise result in a mortality event in children. The pEWS module specializes in predicting serious cardiopulmonary, acute respiratory, and/or sepsis events.

In the season of COVID-19, the pEWS module has been adopted for identifying pediatric patients who could progress to requiring ICU care with potential assistive ventilation devices.

Knowing a problem early enough

The beginnings of deterioration can go unnoticed in the hospital. This may result in more complicated treatment, extended critical care with associated LOS, significant morbidity, or potential mortality. Such events lead to using some of the most expensive critical care resources and costly hospital stays.

Be alerted

The pediEWS module uses real-time data including labs, vitals, and doctors’ notes, to deliver pediatric early warnings on the risk of clinical deterioration, acute respiratory compromise, and other acute conditions which may necessitate transfer to intensive care and early intervention.

How pediatric early warning system (pediEWS) helps

Pediatric early warning system messaging provides critical lead time for pediatric patients with impending deterioration. Early intervention on such pediatric patients allows for timely critical care interventions and reduced length of stay in the ICU. It could potentially prevent an unanticipated death.
Receive an early warning of impending clinical deterioration before it happens.
Causative contextual information accompanies the warnings for targeted evaluations.
Lead Time
Early warnings give precious time for evaluations and interventions which could save lives.
Reduced Cost
Early Intervention leads to preventable or shorter ICU length of stay (LOS) and, thus, decreased overall hospital stay cost.

ROI Benefits of the Pediatric Early Warning System

$13,400 Savings
Save around $13,400 per avoided pediatric nonbirth hospital stay.
Optimize Pediatric ICU LOS
Receive early guidance on which patients might critically benefit from an ICU stay — reducing ICU LOS and overall cost to the hospital system.
Avoid 3x Cost of ICU Stays
Avoid unnecessary costs by cutting down on pediatric ICU stays, which can cost 2-3 times more than other hospital stays.

Andrew Masica, MD, MSCI
Chief Clinical Effectiveness Officer from Baylor Scott & White Health
“What struck us at BSWH was the comprehensive nature of the Pieces platform. We also view our relationship with Pieces Tech as an opportunity to contribute to the development of a health care delivery system-health information technology industry regional collaborative.”

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