The Pediatric Sepsis module predicts the likely presence of sepsis upon hospital arrival and facilitates early 1-hour and 3-hour bundle compliance for optimized outcomes.

Sepsis is a leading cause of pediatric death

Sepsis is the body’s life-threatening inflammatory response to an infection and is the leading cause of pediatric death worldwide. In the United States alone, there are 72,000 children hospitalized for sepsis annually, with a reported mortality rate of 25% and an economic cost estimated to be $4.8 billion. Early detection and appropriate treatment of sepsis can decrease mortality, improve patient outcomes, and decrease hospital length of stay.

Identify high-risk patients

Using real-time labs, vitals, physician notes, and other data elements within the EHR, the Pieces Pediatric Sepsis Module identifies patients that have a high risk of potential sepsis present on admission (POA) to the hospital. The risk rating also informs the clinician of potential underlying reasons and allows for quick action.

How the pediSEP module can help

With early identification of Sepsis POA, clinicians are able to investigate and take early action, resulting in improved patient outcomes.
Early detection of Sepsis is key in improving patient outcomes.
Rapid Response
Early identification of Sepsis allows for fast response and intervention.
Guided Actions
Alert contains actionable data to facilitate quick, pointed response.
The Pediatric Sepsis patient list allows for a hospital-level view to monitor active cases.

ROI Benefits

Reduced Mortality
Sepsis bundle compliance is shown to reduce hospital mortality.
Avoid 12x Cost Stays
Realize significant cost-savings, as pediatric severe sepsis hospital stays tend to cost up to 12 times the average of all other pediatric hospitalizations.
Quality Improvement
Achieve quality improvement goals by improving sepsis bundle compliance.

Steve Shirley
Parkview Chief Information Officer
“We see bringing in Pieces as a key component of our strategy; the technology combined with our process improvements to best serve our community is a mission to us at Parkview.”

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