The Pieces Difference

The elements of Pieces make us different.

Everything we do contains elements of the Pieces Difference. We uniquely combine our interoperable and advanced technology with clinical expertise and community connections.

advanced technology, clinical expertise, community connection, interoperability

Advanced Technology

There is tremendous opportunity to harness technology to increase efficiencies, gain insights, and reduce manual effort.

Artificial Intelligence

Do More

We harness the power of artificial intelligence to do what you would do if you had more time to process all the data.

Natural Language Processing

Deeper Insights

We are able to mine the data from clinicians’ notes in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) by using natural language processing to provide deeper and more complete insights.

Machine Learning

Getting Smarter

We enable our AI systems to learn and develop their own solutions, rather than being preprogrammed with a set of answers.

Clinical Expertise

We were founded by a physician who personally faced many of the challenges we are out to solve. We continue to make clinical expertise an essential part of all that we do.


Real Experience

Our licensed healthcare clinicians inform and develop our initial predictive algorithms and then continue to monitor, test, and add to our clinical AI for the most reliable results.

Clinically-tested Algorithms


We continuously test, refine, and verify our data, algorithms, and results in real-world settings. We need you to feel confident that our recommendations are reliable.

Peer-reviewed Research


Our research is reviewed by the medical community for its accuracy and efficacy.

Community Connection

It is critical for people’s long-term wellbeing to get the community services and support needed to promote health and vitality.


Local Social Services Listing

Our verified listing of social services helps people find and connect with the social services they need in their local area.

Closed-loop Referrals

Community-Wide Integration

Use our robust social services network to make closed-loop referrals to community organizations, and know that your patients or clients get the services they need with closed-loop monitoring.

Case Management

Support and Track Client Needs

Our cloud-based case management software reduces manual effort to more efficiently manage patients or clients who need social services.


Pieces is not another data platform to integrate. Our technology can work with more of your data and existing systems to provide insights and reduce your manual effort.


We Meet You Where You Are

We can work with most any data sources or processes you’ve got. There is no need to rip and replace your current system. Our technology works with advanced EMRs to Excel spreadsheets, and everything in between.

Clean Actionable Data

We Do The Dirty Work

You get the best reporting possible from harnessing the best data sources. We do the messy stuff behind the scenes to unify your data across multiple sources. You are left with clean, reliable, and actionable data.

The Whole Story

Access The Data You Need

Only when you can process all the information can you get the complete story. Incomplete data leads to misinformed decisions. Better decisions drive toward your organization’s mission more effectively.

Ready to learn more?

Our flexible solutions can be tailored to your needs. We’d love to schedule a demo to more fully walk you through how Pieces can help you.