We meet you where you are

We understand that different organizations can be on very different levels of data sophistication. Data Bridge allows our solutions to be adaptable to wherever you are on that spectrum.

Let’s Build On What’s Already Working

We can adapt to what you are already doing. There’s no need to start over or completely change your current process.

You Can Keep What You’ve Got

Some companies make you rip out what you’ve got and completely replace it with their new thing. That sounds expensive and time consuming. We don’t have to be either.

We Play Well With Others

We can work with most any data platform or legacy system you are currently using.


Adaptability in Action

Pieces for Health Systems

We can process data from your EHR right along with data from other sources. Social Determinants of Health insights can be sharper when data from other national or regional registries can be analyzed and compared with your own proprietary data. 

Pieces for Community Organizations

Community Organizations often have the widest range of data sophistication. We can access data from discrete excel spreadsheets and combine that with other data sources or legacy systems so your current operational flow isn’t interrupted, only enhanced.

Learn more about Adaptable

Being adaptable is at the core of how we work. We can meet you where you are rather than impose our systems onto you.