Artificial Intelligence Healthcare and Medicine

AI is the cornerstone of our robust healthcare technology.

At its most basic, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is using computers to mimic human intelligence. We make decisions and judgements based on past experience, past successes, and past failures. Using computing power, we mimic that same process, but apply it to a ton more information and at a much higher speed. Used in clinical medicine, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in healthcare can help sift through multitudes of past cases, apply various factors, and find correlations to predict future outcomes.

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Why our Healthcare AI Technology is Different

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Based in Real-world Experience
Based in Real-world Experience

We apply our vast clinical experience to the development and ongoing refinement of our healthcare AI technology. One measure of success to us is if our technology makes things easier or more efficient. We spend a lot of time understanding processes and outcomes to ensure our AI healthcare technology is getting better to continue to do what you need it to do.

Steeped in Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Health and wellbeing extends well beyond the walls of the clinic. It’s critical to understand the many factors in a person’s life that may be affecting their health. We have the largest library of SDoH algorithms that integrate social factors with EHR data for predictive health outcomes and needed support.

Our AI Healthcare Technology in Action

Predicting Healthcare Outcomes with Artificial Intelligence

Here’s just one example of AI healthcare technology in action. We are able to parse through all the available clinical data to predict the likelihood of a patient’s readmission. The many factors are weighted and analyzed in a similar fashion to how a trained clinician would look at all the information available. The difference is that AI and machine learning speeds up the process and finds correlations related to risks of readmission that may never be seen by a single doctor. Instead, a doctor can spend their time applying the information toward treating a patient, rather than being stuck in the EHR for hours. AI is used throughout Pieces Predict to help clinicians make better decisions, intervene sooner, reduce readmissions, and increase efficiency throughout the care cycle.

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Our AI is used throughout Pieces Predict. It is integral to Pieces for Health Systems.