Clinically-tested Algorithms for Healthcare and Medical Diagnosis

Real-world application and testing.

We understand the importance of a computer-generated recommendation being reliable. One principal purpose of all our healthcare data analytics software products is to increase efficiency. If the alerts or recommendations are questionable, they actually increase the burden to the clinician or case manager. All our products are thoroughly tested within hospital systems so they are proven to be accurate and reliable.

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Benefits of Clinical Healthcare Algorithms

Positive Predictive Value (PPV)

PPV is the likelihood that if Pieces says something is true or present, it is true or present. Over time, we compare our predicted outcomes with the actual outcomes. Pieces predictive clinical algorithms in healthcare have been shown to have 90-95% PPV across many areas.

Sensitivity of Healthcare Algorithms

Sensitivity is the likelihood that if something is true or present, Pieces identifies it. Our healthcare algorithms have shown to have 80-95% sensitivity, across many areas.

Customizable Clinical Algorithms

We can quickly custom build healthcare algorithms for any health system need.

Proven Accuracy

Our products are tested and credentialed in the healthcare industry.

The Backbone of our Clinical Healthcare Algorithms

Our healthcare algorithms are constantly being improved and refined. This affects all our products as our algorithms are the backbone of everything we do. Our clinicians combine their expertise with real-world application to ensure we achieve our goal of creating products that increase efficiency, reduce manual effort, and greatly enhance the ability of clinicians to provide the best care possible.

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Our predictive healthcare algorithms are at their most rigorous in Pieces Predict and as part of Pieces for Hospital Systems.