Closed-loop Referrals

Know that a referral was fulfilled.

Referring a patient or client to get additional services is great. Knowing your client or patient fulfilled that referral is better. Our goal is to make your job easier. It saves you time when you don’t have to do follow-up calls or chase after your patients or clients.

Benefits of Closed-loop Referrals


When you know that a referral was fulfilled you can better track your impact on that patient or client.


If a referral is open ended, it’s up to you to manually track or follow-up after each referral. That takes away valuable time.


Having a feedback loop also enables you to better track the effectiveness of your treatment plan. You can know that your care plan is being followed.

Closed-loop Referrals in Action

Health Systems

Providing continuity of care from the clinic into the community is critical for lasting health and wellbeing. When a social service need is surfaced in Pieces Predict, a request goes to a case manager at the hospital to make the needed referral. Using Pieces Guide, the case manager is able to find a local resource. A referral is made for the patient prior to discharge. When the patient connects with or receives the needed support, the case manager is alerted. The loop is closed. The case manager can report within Pieces Connect that the patient got the support needed and that becomes part of the EHR so the clinician can also be informed.

Community Organizations

Very often, people have multiple community service support needs. Using Pieces Connect, a case manager can track their clients to ensure they are getting all the support they need across different community organizations. When a referral is made to a hospital or another service provider, the referring case manager is alerted, thus closing that loop and freeing up the time that would normally be needed for phone calls and follow-ups.

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Closed-loop referrals are a critical part of Pieces for Hospital Systems and Pieces for Community Organizations.