Machine Learning

Not just pre-programmed responses.

Machine Learning allows our Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate recommendations and solutions based on analyzing the data. It doesn’t just present pre-programmed answers triggered by a piece of information. It also enables the processing of large amounts of data at speeds beyond what a human could do.

The Benefits of Machine Learning

Speed and Scale

Machine Learning enables the processing of huge amounts of data faster.

Predictions and Approaches

Our AI analyzes the data to predict patient outcomes and give recommended plans of action.

Earlier Interventions

With predicted outcomes, clinicians can take the necessary steps earlier and prevent deterioration or escalation.

Accuracy Builds Confidence

With our AI we have a Positive Predictive Value or PPV of 90-95%, which means you can rely on the accuracy of our predicted outcomes.


Our AI accurately predicts 80 to 95% of actual positive cases. Conversely, we have five times fewer false positives.

Machine Learning in Action

Within Pieces Predict, all the health determinants of a patient are analyzed. Structured data such as age, blood pressure, and other data points are combined with unstructured data from the clinician’s notes and with a patient’s social determinants from their life outside the hospital. Through analyzing all the relevant data, we can predict, for example, that a patient needs ICU care before an adverse event happens. An earlier intervention can keep a patient’s condition from escalating or deteriorating.

Learn more about our Machine Learning

Machine Learning is primarily used in Pieces Predict and is integral to Pieces for Hospital Systems.