Our Directory

Connecting people to the community services they need is vital to supporting long-term health.

We understand that hospital systems and community organizations want to get help to those who need it. So our directory is a network of clinical and community services to fulfill all manner of support needed. It can be accessed and utilized by people, care providers, and case managers.


The features and benefits of our directory makes it different from other directories or listings.

More Open

We have a wider range of the types of community organizations listed. Our network of services is open to all types and is flexible so that new service offerings can be easily added.

More Accurate and Up-to-date

Other listings have old or incomplete information. Our entries are verified by people and then kept current by the service organizations themselves.


Having services available close to home is critical for utilization, so our directory is searchable and filterable by location and distance.

We Connect People to All Kinds of Services

Emergent Needs

People’s more immediate and timely needs can be addressed: Food, housing, financial assistance for utilities and rent, substance use, and mental health.

Secondary Needs

Other needs can be met as well such as, legal services, employment, education, and transportation.

Our Directory in Action

For Health Systems

Our directory of community services is a critical part of delivering holistic care to the community. Once a need for social service support is identified within Pieces Predict, a needed referral gets triggered in Pieces Connect. A case manager uses Pieces Guide to identify a local resource, then Pieces Connect is able to track that referral so the case manager knows their patient got the needed support.

For Community Organizations

Our directory, through Pieces Guide, enables case managers to find and connect their clients to other needed community services and medical care. When used with Pieces Connect, referrals are reported back to close the loop.

For the Community

Pieces Guide is available to be used by anyone, so our directory can be accessed and searched by individuals looking for available local community services and make a referral for themselves or someone else.

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Our directory is the basis for Pieces Guide and is part of Pieces for Hospital Systems, Pieces for Community Organizations, and Pieces for the People.