Pieces Acquires Bowtie Business Intelligence to Fuel Continued Growth and Fulfill Data-Driven Mission of Creating Healthier Communities

Enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities empower organizations to transform data into actionable insights and maximize their impact on the community

DALLASJan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pieces, a healthcare AI company, today announced the acquisition of Bowtie Business Intelligence (Bowtie BI), a Dallas-based data management and intelligence company which empowers organizations of any size to connect to nearly any data source, enable data interoperability and meet their reporting and analytics needs.

Bowtie BI’s ‘extract, transform and load’ (ETL) platform is a powerful data management tool which enables organizations to migrate disparate, complex data sets into a single spreadsheet in a scalable and secure manner regardless of the systems they use to manage their business at a price point affordable to both community organizations and nonprofits.

“The Bowtie platform will enhance the interoperability and reporting capabilities of our current solutions to create an even richer data ecosystem for our clients.” said Fayiaz Chaudhri, President of Pieces. “By leveraging Bowtie’s data platform and flexible APIs, Pieces can quickly connect to nearly any software system used by community and healthcare customers and provide deeper, more actionable insights as they strive to make a difference in the lives of those that they serve each day.”

Peter Swanson, Founder and CEO of Bowtie BI, joins Pieces as the Vice President of Strategic Development, after leading  501ops, the company that originally developed the Bowtie technology.

According to Swanson, “The Bowtie BI team is thrilled to join Pieces. Pieces shares our same values and commitment to improving our communities, which has remained part of our mission since our inception.  We are also excited to increase Pieces interoperability with any governmental, nonprofit, community, and small business organization software to provide more visibility into the massive amounts of data gathered by these organizations.”

This extension of Pieces’ already strong technology footprint is made possible by the company’s exceptional year of growth in 2020, which included closing its $25.7 Million Series B early last year.

“We know that holistic approaches to care delivery are needed so that the silos between clinical and non-clinical care settings can be broken down,” said Brett Grob, Chief Financial Officer at Pieces. “Having capabilities across a broader array of customers in both clinical and social service settings enhances our AI platform and our dynamic networks, and delivers value to both clinical and social service providers, and ultimately the patient.”

To learn more about Bowtie BI, please visit the Pieces website here.

About Pieces: Pieces, Inc. is a healthcare artificial intelligence and technology company that connects health systems and the community to address clinical and social determinants of health through community networks and intelligent software and services. Our solution interprets patient information in real-time and connects health systems and community-based organizations to support healthier outcomes, both inside and outside of hospital walls. Using cloud-based artificial intelligence with clinically-based natural language processing (NLP) and physician-supervised machine learning, our tools help streamline clinician workflows and improve patient outcomes. Combined, our solutions, Pieces Predict and Pieces Connect, create a comprehensive and unique solution for connected community health.

About Bowtie Business Intelligence: Bowtie is a comprehensive data management and business Intelligence software-as-a-service company headquartered in Dallas, TX. Bowtie’s ‘extract, transform and load’ (ETL) platform enables organizations of any size to connect to nearly any data source (internal or external), transform unstructured data and make it useful for analytics, reporting or for other systems. Bowtie is consistently ranked a top performer given how quickly, securely and affordably they are able to provide clean data and analytics. Bowtie’s current clients include diverse entities such as state governments, nonprofits such as Catholic Charities and the United Way, and for-profit small and medium sized businesses. 

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