We address needs through the entire care journey.

From the first step in a clinical setting through ongoing services in the community, our products ensure you have the information you need when you need it. Whether providing critical health services or finding a needed community service, we are here to help.

Our Products

Pieces Predict™

Pieces Predict uses artificial intelligence to predict outcomes so health care providers can intervene early and efficiently.

Pieces Connect™

with Data Bridge

Pieces Connect is a cloud-based platform that connects with and manages those who need community services.

Pieces Guide™

with Data Bridge

Pieces Guide is a free referral directory for exploring and enrolling in local community services.

Data Bridge brings enhanced levels of interoperability

All of our products keep improving. This latest upgrade, for our community solutions, which we call Data Bridge, expands how your data can work for you and the kind of data that you can access. Through enhanced interoperability, we can better adapt to your needs, tell your whole data story, and keep information even more current.

Ready to learn more?

Our flexible solutions can be tailored to your needs. We’d love to schedule a demo to more fully walk you through how Pieces can help you.