Pieces Connect

Pieces Connect manages those who need community services.

Pieces Connect is a cloud-based case management and referral platform for people in need of community services. With our affordable solution, you can make closed-loop referrals and know your patients or clients are getting the additional support they need. With the reduction of manual effort, case managers work more efficiently and improve health outcomes. Data Bridge enhancements make Pieces Connect an even more robust tool. 

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Cloud-based Case Management Software

A complete solution to manage people who need social service support.

Reduction in
Manual Effort

Easily input, store, and manage the information about patients or clients who utilize social services.

Ease of Implementation and Use

As a turn-key solution, our staff will set up your community network, train,
and support your team.

Closed-loop Referrals

Referrals are tracked so it is known that support or services were received.

Data Source integration

Data Bridge allows the gathering and integration of data from almost anything from spreadsheets to legacy systems.

Better Visibility

With Data Bridge you’ll have access to all your important information, so you’ll have better insights into your entire organization to improve performance.


Scannable ID Cards

People can travel easily from service to service and their information follows them. A simple scan of their ID card connects you to their records.

Enhanced Reporting

Data Bridge facilitates consolidated reports with real-time results about usage, adoption, or any need you may have across your organization.

Awesome Support

Support is available around-the-clock with our online knowledge base and ticketing system. 

Turn On or Off Referrals

Only receive referrals when you have the capacity. You won’t have to turn people away.

SMS Integration

Get updates via text messaging.

Whole-person Plans

Create whole-person care plans to improve outcomes.

Flexible Implementation

Because Data Bridge connects a few or all your data sources, we can scale with your needs and meet you where your processes and needs are now. 

Pete Perialas

Children’s Health, Dallas

“Pieces helps us turn patient data into community contacts to keep kids healthy.”

Pieces for Health Systems

If you are a Health System, Pieces Connect is just one part of our solution. We can help improve patient care, protect your bottom line, and connect you and your patients to community resources.

Pieces for Community Organizations

If you provide community services, Pieces Connect is one part of our solution. We can help reduce your manual effort and connect your clients to needed services.

Ready to learn more?

Pieces Connect is a robust case management solution that’s easy to use. We’d love to schedule a demo..