Pieces Guide

A free referral directory for exploring and enrolling in local community services.

From housing to food assistance to transportation services, Pieces Guide offers a robust directory of trusted community services with up-to-date information on hours and program eligibility requirements. Pieces Guide makes it easy to search for community resources, make referrals, and track appointments—all from one place. 


Referral Directory

Access a robust directory of community organizations for care that goes beyond the hospital and covers a variety of needs.

Native and Curatable Referral Directory

Match needs with available community health and wellbeing services.

Free Search

Local community resources are easy to explore. 

Comprehensive &
Up-To-Date Information

Our listings are verified by people, not search engines. 

Free Referral and Collaboration Tools

Referrals are managed all in one place. See past activity, track the status of any referrals, and save favorite community resources.

Coordinated Efforts

Referrals can be sent and embedded right into an organization’s records.

Gain Control

Service providers can manage their own information.

Build a Network

Create a safety net in your community.

Make Stronger Connections

Build solid relationships in the community.

Maintain Privacy

Entered information is kept safe.

Get Customer Support

Reach an actual person with your questions.

Real-Time Results

No delays in sending or receiving referrals.

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Pieces Guide is a vital resource for hospital systems, community organizations, and the communities they serve.
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