Pieces Predict

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics predict outcomes so healthcare providers can provide care early and efficiently.

Pieces Predict is a cloud-based software platform that uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and clinically-reviewed algorithms to extract critical, actionable data from the full-breadth of electronic health records. By reducing manual effort, hospitals and healthcare systems can work more efficiently. Predicting outcomes leads to early detection and intervention to prevent disease and decrease patient deterioration.



Using artificial intelligence (AI), Pieces Predict rapidly identifies at-risk patients in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) using their relevant clinical, social, and economic determinants.


Predictive models and deep clinical algorithms analyze structured and unstructured patient data to make intelligent predictions about risks to the patient, the likelihood of readmission, and probable outcomes based on social determinants.


Pieces Predict provides the necessary alerts to the care team with detailed recommendations for safe, timely treatment, prioritization of action ,and discharge.


Pieces Predict continuously monitors patient data within the EMR to detect changes and identify needed interventions.


Pieces provides Clinician-in-the-LoopTM which augments machine learning with licensed clinicians. The Pieces data-science team provides ongoing analysis for all customers.

Integrated Social Determinants
of Health (SDoH) Data

Pieces is continuously monitoring and updating the relationship between SDoH and health outcomes for better-informed recommendations and predictions.

Pieces Predict is tailored to your specific needs through a system of modules.


Identify and mitigate risk factors that can contribute to excess length of stay


Adult patients need specific protocols


Pediatric patients have specific needs and protocols

Mae Centeno, DNP, RN, CCNS, ACNS, BC

System Vice President of Chronic Care Continuum, Baylor Scott & White Health

“We decided to partner with Pieces because their solution offered valuable NLP technology which discovers critical elements embedded in the EHR notes to offer key information about readmissions, without spending hours reading the chart.”

Pieces for Health Systems

If you are a Health System, Pieces Predict is just one part of our solution. We can help improve patient care, protect your bottom line, and connect you and your patients to community resources.

Finding Patients for Clinical Trials Shouldn’t be Such a Trial

We’d like to show you Pieces Predict in action so you can see how your screening for clinical trials can be wider, faster, and more efficient. 

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