Automated Patient Summaries

Support increasing provider satisfaction and enable earlier interventions for better patient outcomes

The AI-Generated Patient Summary

The patient summary takes structured and unstructured data from the patient chart and consolidates pages of information into one actionable sentence, allowing physicians and care providers to quickly get up to speed and align on a patient directly in their Epic patient list. Providers can be alerted to risks like hospital readmission and clinical deterioration without digging through pages of information.

Healthcare by the numbers

Over 50% of healthcare providers report experiencing symptoms related to burnout. Clinician and care team burnout is heavily impacted by repetitive and burdensome clerical tasks and increased screen time.

3.2 million healthcare workers

Amid an increased demand for healthcare workers, one study showed that there will be a critical shortage of 3.2 million healthcare workers in the US by 2026.

$18 billion dollars

It has been estimated that $18 billion dollars could be saved across the healthcare industry by applying AI solutions to eliminate certain administrative processes.

Augment and support your care teams with automated, AI-generated patient summaries 

Reduce workflow friction

Reduce the amount of time clinicians and care teams spend digging through the EHR.

Create seamless handoffs

Easier sign out processes to new and cross covering physicians. 

Align care teams

Reduce the time spent chasing down information across departments. 

Mitigate risks

Be alerted to risks, like readmission, before the patient leaves the hospital. 

Mark Ziemianski

Senior Vice President & Chief Data Officer

“Your Pieces models set you guys apart with your natural language processing and giving clinicians and physicians the ability to see the status of a patient from a number of different lenses without them having to dive into the chart every time.” 

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