AI-Generated Predicted Discharge Date

Prioritize which patients can go home the soonest

Predicted Discharge Dates for Patients


Knowing anticipated discharges can help streamline inpatient flow and reduce hospital overcrowding without adding capacity. It can inform hospital decision making such as staffing, support expectations, and communications for care providers. 


The discharge date automatically updates throughout the hospital stay for prioritization on who could go home first. 


Care teams can easily communicate an anticipated discharge date with patients and families. 


Risks can be mitigated in real time by coordinating and prioritizing the steps needed for a timely discharge. 

Benefits of Pieces Predicted Discharge Dates 

10 hours

Pieces can estimate a discharge date 10 hours sooner than can be done manually. 

2X more accurate

Pieces predicted discharge date is two times more accurate than prediction from manual documentation.

Nancy Temple, RN MSN CCM

Vice President of Comprehensive Care Management, North Texas Division Baylor Scott & White Health

“The challenge that we face executing length-of-stay reduction programs is  determining who can be discharged and how to prioritize the limited staff and resources that we have in order to help them prioritize and discharge patients.” 

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