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At Pieces, we’ve developed solutions that help people help other people.

We help hospitals, hospital systems, community organizations, and individuals help others and themselves. In every case, we use technology to help better people’s health and wellbeing.

Pieces for

Health Systems

Our solutions for Health Systems help track and care for your patients through their entire care journey. From improving clinical efficiency to extending your care into community services, our solution will help improve patient outcomes and your bottom line.


Our technology does what you could if you had the time to parse all the data manually. You’ll be able to work more efficiently and make better decisions.


You’ll have the benefit of understanding likely outcomes to make more timely decisions and interventions.


The long-term health and wellbeing of your patients is reliant on factors beyond the walls of your hospital. Effective and monitorable connections to community services is vital for your patient’s health and the lowering of readmission rates.

Data Accessibility

Connect to a wider variety of data sources. Information from other databases and community resources can be fed into our analytics so your decisions will be even better informed.

Pieces for

Community Organizations

Our solutions will help you better manage your clients. Getting connected to hospital systems and other community organizations will enable you to get your clients the additional help they need. And you’ll be better able to track your organization’s resources and effectiveness while reducing your manual effort.

Reduction in Manual Effort

Easily input, store, and manage the information about your clients who utilize social services.

Complete Case Management

You can document client activities, appointments, and their progress in a comprehensive needs assessment. SMS text messaging sends reminders.

Closed-loop Referrals

Make referrals to hospitals or other community organizations and know that your clients receive the services they need.

The opioid crisis is complicated.
Our solution is comprehensive.

Providing, monitoring, improving, and connecting to the right care throughout the entire patient journey is critical to solving the opioid epidemic.

Pieces for

the People

People need to find the resources available in their local area. Our solution enables anyone who needs support to find that support quickly and easily.

Up-to-date Network

Our listings are verified often so the contact information and eligibility requirements are accurate.

Saved Searches

You can create and save your own network of needed services.


Your information is securely saved and protected.

Wider range of services

We integrate our directory with systems like 211 to ensure we have a wide range of providers.

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