Pieces for Community Organizations

Collaborate with community partners and better manage your clients’ needs.

Our robust solutions for community organizations and nonprofits more easily enable the input, storage, and management of the information about your clients who need community services. You can provide resources for your clients to help connect them to needed resources. 

We Help You Stay Focused on Your Mission

Reduced Manual Effort and Increased Efficiency

Spend less time chasing after data and information. Spend more time providing the community services your clients need. We know you probably don’t have dedicated IT people. Connect can quickly migrate data into our system.

Flexible Reporting

You can easily know more about your services, your clients, and  track toward your organization’s mission. 

Closed-loop Referrals

No longer will you need to rely on sticky notes and follow-up phone calls to know if your clients got the additional care they needed.


Shared Insights

Our flexible  intake library contains universal data fields, perfect for sharing across programs and organizations.

Real-time Results

The reporting dashboard comes stocked with templates that can be quickly customized to fulfill reporting requirements.

Progress Tracking

Quickly track your clients’ utilization of your services. You can also track your organization’s progress toward its goals.

Dedicated Account Teams

All subscribers receive hands-on implementation by our expert community outreach team and ongoing support and training from a dedicated account manager.

Awesome Customer Support

Support available around-the-clock with our online knowledge base and ticketing system.

User Focused

User role and permissions-based access allows for experiences that feel intuitive, secure, easy, and convenient.

Cloud-based Case Management Software

A complete solution to manage people who need social service support accessible through a browser for easier integration.

Ease of Implementation and Use

As a turn-key solution, our staff will set up your community network, train, and support your team.

Providing Tools Directly to Clients

Your clients can use our free directory to find needed services on their own or to help friends or family. You’ll get alerted to follow up.

Better Community Connections

Our Referral Directory allows more community service providers to be part of the network. That means that you have better insights into all the services available that your clients need.

Understand Your Impact

Our Referral Directory allows more community service providers to be part of the network. That means that you have better insights into all the services available that your clients need.

Facts at a Glance


82% of referrals close the loop.


Pieces Connect has enabled over one million documented connections in North Texas alone.


Over 230K patients have enrolled in community-based services.


Well over 8,000 inter-agency referrals have been made (so far).

We partner with these organizations

Christina Melton Crain

Founder, President and CEO, Unlocking DOORS

“Pieces Connect is organized, consolidated and easy to use. It’s easy to see what information is missing for somebody. We really like the access to quick overviews and the ability to drill down to the nitty gritty.”

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