Pieces for Health Systems

We help you manage your patients through their entire care journey.

We use artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and clinically-reviewed algorithms to extract critical, actionable data from the full-breadth of electronic health records.

By reducing manual effort, hospitals and healthcare systems can work more efficiently.

Predicting outcomes with artificial intelligence leads to early detection and intervention to prevent disease and decrease patient deterioration. Connecting patients to needed community services helps to address Social Determinants of Health to improve long-term health outcomes. 


Work More Efficiently. Be Smarter. Make Connections.


Our technology does what you could if you had the time to parse all the data manually. You’ll be able to work more efficiently and make better decisions. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Natural Language Processing extracts the data from clinician notes so all the data in the EHR can become actionable. 


You’ll have the benefit of understanding likely outcomes to make more timely decisions and interventions. Our healthcare AI solutions analyze the data to better predict outcomes that improve both patient experience, patient outcomes, and your bottom line.


The long-term health and wellbeing of your patients is reliant on factors beyond the walls of your hospital. Effective and monitorable connections to available community services is vital for your patients’ health and the lowering of readmission rates and other less optimal outcomes.


Our AI healthcare solution is interoperable with your existing EHR systems.


Improve ROI

Find operational efficiencies and better predict outcomes that can improve your bottom line.

Greater Insights & Information

You’ll make decisions with the aid of analyzing all the available information, across structured and unstructured data. Paired with our algorithms being constantly refined by experienced clinicians, you can act on information you can trust.

Improve Patient Experience

Efficiencies in planning and scheduling streamlines the patient experience to reduce length of stay and improve health outcomes.

Improve Your Experience

Providers spend less time looking for information and more time using it to help patients.

Better Community Connection

Data Bridge brings an expanded ability to connect with more services in the community—no matter their level of data sophistication. You can refer your patients to more kinds of services to maintain their health outside the walls of your clinics.

Better Reporting

Because Data Bridge enhances the ability to connect to a wider variety of data sources you have a more robust and complete set of data to pull reports. You’ll have deeper insights to what is going on within your health system and in the community.


Finding Patients for Clinical Trials Shouldn’t be Such a Trial

We’d like to show you Pieces Predict in action so you can see how your screening for clinical trials can be wider, faster, and more efficient. 

Amy Salerno, MD, MHS

Director of Community Health and Well-Being, UVA

“Pieces has really been able to meet our community where we are, and to think through interoperability and integration with other systems.”

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