We use technology to help better people’s health and wellbeing.
Pieces® connects care providers to actionable data, people to services, and caseworkers to information. We make it easier to input, manage, store, organize, and gain insight from the data that’s critical for you to help others.
The Pieces Difference

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Our Healthcare AI and Technology Products

Pieces Predict™

Pieces Predict uses artificial intelligence to predict outcomes so health care providers can intervene early and efficiently.

Pieces Connect™

Pieces Connect is a cloud-based platform that connects with and manages those who need community services.

Pieces Guide™

Pieces Guide is a free referral directory for exploring and enrolling in local community services.

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Hard Facts


of long-term health is determined by factors outside the doctor’s office.

People don’t stay healthy by spending more time at the doctor’s office. People’s health is mostly determined by the everyday factors in their lives.


of the available information in health records is hidden in the notes.

Without the ability to read clinician notes and other unstructured data in the Electronic Health Record, only about half of the information becomes actionable data.

3x higher

People with multiple social issues are three times more likely to be readmitted to the hospital.

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) are at the heart of our algorithms to create more accurate predictions of needed interventions and ongoing community-based care.

Pieces For You

Our products work together to boost efficiencies and lower manual effort.

Pieces for Health Systems

Health Systems, we can help you make better decisions and find resources to improve patient outcomes and their healthcare journey using AI.

Pieces for Community Organizations

If you provide community services, we can help you manage your community organization and clients more efficiently.

Pieces for the People

We can help you find and connect to the available community services and networks in your area.

The opioid crisis is complicated.
Our solution is comprehensive.

Providing, monitoring, improving, and connecting to the right care throughout the entire patient journey is critical to solving the opioid epidemic.

Looking for services?
Pieces Guide can help.

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Our recent thoughts

Here are some things we have been working on.

Reducing excess length of stay is an important goal for many health systems. Decreasing avoidable hospital stay days can result in lower costs and an improved patient experience. Learn more in our latest case study how one private non-profit teaching hospital experienced a .2 decrease in average hospital LOS and an 80% relative reduction in average percent of excess hospital LOS by partnering with Pieces.

Predictive analytics, AI and machine learning can improve outcomes, such as reducing excess length of stay, avoiding unplanned readmissions, and addressing the impacts of social determinants of health. Learn more about how machine learning is helping hospitals solve complex problems.


Epic has partnered with a commercial stage biotechnology company, and has added a predictive analytics company to its marketplace.  

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Pieces is excited to be one of the 10 finalists and participants for the first ever AWS Healthcare Accelerator. These ten companies were selected from 427 applications from 31 countries around the world by a panel from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and KidsX, a digital health accelerator owned by Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

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Pieces brings its predictive analytics directly to the Epic Patient List to enable early interventions and reduce manual effort for front-line staff

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