From clinical to community settings

At Pieces Technologies, we deliver solutions that follow patients through the entire care journey – from their first step into the clinical health setting to their ongoing steps in the community. Our platforms help health systems and social service organizations keep their communities strong by advancing the health of the people within them.

Pieces Decision Sciences

Blending machine and human expertise, DS helps hospitals and health systems:
Minimize readmissions and avoidable hospitalizations
Reduce excess length of stay
Identify, predict, and avoid healthcare related infections
Limit mortality and complications from sepsis and inpatient deterioration
Streamline and optimize care coordination including social needs
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Pieces Iris

Linking healthcare organizations to community services, Iris helps:
Continue patient care beyond the hospital walls
Connect patients with the appropriate resources and support
Create whole-person care plans to improve outcomes
Reduce hospital readmissions & health system overutilization
Follow vulnerable patients to improve access to care
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Our connected communities

Our care and case management platforms help hospitals, health systems, and community service organizations both large and small make better decisions, optimize workflows, and improve health.

How much could you save with Pieces DS?
Use our ROI calculators to see how much you’d save by improving the length of stay, healthcare-associated infections, and readmissions.
Drive proactive response. Identify, predict, and track.
Discover the tools your health system needs to respond to challenges presented by COVID-19. Our COVID-19 module helps staff to focus on patients most in need by identifying, predicting, and tracking at-risk patients in real-time.
Covid-19 Response Tools for Health Systems
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