Pieces in your Pocket Announcement

Pieces Technologies Unveils Pieces in Your Pocket

a Generative AI-Powered Personal Writing Assistant for Physicians

  • Pieces introduces “Pieces in your Pocket”: a new AI solution designed to enhance patient progress note generation with a voice-enabled assistant that understands and contextualizes the patient history
  • Unlike other ambient listening solutions, Pieces’ enables physicians to “talk, rather than dictate”  to Pieces about what they want to see in patient progress notes

Pieces Technologies Inc., a pioneer in healthcare artificial intelligence (AI), is proud to announce the launch of Pieces in your Pocket (PYP), an advanced phone-based personal assistant for inpatient physicians. Using their phone, physicians can simply tell Pieces the main points they want in their patient progress note in as short as 30-45 seconds. Pieces then generates a fully formed note in the electronic medical record (EMR) incorporating all of the physician’s key points using its working longitudinal understanding of the patient, the physician’s prior notes and authorship style, and the patient’s current issues and results. To write the progress note, PYP combines the Pieces comprehension and LLM engines with AWS HealthScribe, a HIPAA-eligible service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that uses speech recognition and generative AI to automatically generate preliminary clinical documentation.

Building on its successful approach to clinical reasoning and comprehension, as displayed in the autonomous creation of over 2.5 million inpatient clinical summaries for customers including Houston Methodist, Texas Health Resources, and Children’s Health System of Texas, Pieces’ new solution moves into the ambient listening space in a novel way. “What’s different about our approach is that Pieces is not scribing the doctor–patient encounter.” says Josh Grob, VP Engineering at Pieces “We think shorter, impactful interactions are more effective than recording a longer dictation which puts the burden on the physician to distill and edit an overly long note.” 

PYP also captures information or events that have occurred since the last progress note, eliminates copy-forward errors, automatically adds billing information to improve revenue capture, and draws from the entirety of the EMR, reducing the time to write a note by an estimated 50%. 

PYP also offers a novel approach to managing patient information compared with existing ambient-listening note-taking solutions. Through quick voice memos that are intelligently summarized, reviewed, and integrated into the Pieces comprehensive progress note, the physician can use Pieces as a personal assistant to complete progress notes on the go. 

About Pieces Technologies

Pieces Technologies, Inc. is a healthcare AI research and development firm that applies ensemble AI methods to support the work of healthcare teams. Pieces is cloud-based and specialized in applied clinical generative AI, adversarial and collaborative AI, predictive modeling, and physician-supervised machine learning to streamline clinician workflows and improve patient, financial and operational outcomes. For more information or to request a demo, visit www.piecestech.com.

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