Pieces Working Progress Note

Introducing Pieces Working Progress Note

Pieces Working Progress Note tackles the significant challenge faced by physicians – the extensive time spent on writing progress notes. By automating the creation of detailed notes that draw from the entirety of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), physicians can significantly reduce the time and effort required for documentation. This innovation not only streamlines the note-taking process but also enhances the quality of patient interactions by freeing up valuable time for physicians.

Transform your clinical documentation

Time-Saving Automation

Simplify your progress note creation by pulling EMR data to create AI generated notes

Patient-Centric Care

Prioritize patients over paperwork with Pieces, improving care quality and satisfaction.

Accurate Documentation

Trust in precise progress notes drawn from EMR data for seamless collaboration.

Pieces in your Pocket

Introducing Pieces in your Pocket

Pieces in Your Pocket offers a novel approach to managing patient information. Through quick voice memos that are intelligently summarized and integrated into the Pieces comprehensive progress note, this feature ensures that crucial patient details are captured and utilized effectively. This tool empowers physicians to maintain a clear and accurate record of patient interactions, improving both the efficiency and quality of care.

Intelligent voice memos to enhance your progress notes

Streamlined Information Capture

Simplify your patient data management with voice memos, seamlessly integrated into progress notes for efficient recording.

On-the-Go Documentation

Our AI intelligently summarizes your on-the-go voice memos, and automatically adds them to the Pieces Working Progress Note.

Enhanced Care Quality

Capture crucial details effortlessly, allowing physicians to make informed decisions and leading to better patient outcomes.